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By: Dr. Stanley Mungwe | October 13, 2014

SAP as a company has been very successful in the west, yes successful in providing a complex, expensive and a hell of a software which is will not let business scale. SAP is growing everyday in revenue yes but failing everyday in bringing proper business tools to millions of small and medium-sized companies in the west.

The Census bureau reports that companies with less than 100 employees account for 98% of the total number of companies and represent over 35% of the active workforce in the USA. This number is bigger even in Germany. Most of these companies have no access to the right software to manage their business operations. SAP has always been to complex and too expensive for them. SAP has been unable to solve their problem in USA, Germany, Italy, and now like any other big company from the west, SAP has stepped up it's raid and violence into Africa. SAP has announced on its website that it is extending it's footprint in Africa with $500 Million Investment.  As other companies will do when they come to Africa it claims it has a seven year plan to up-skill local African talent and drive innovation and growth on the continent, lies, lies, lies, before I get emotional SAP has been in Africa since 1992,  its now SAP is realizing that Africa needs innovation.  The revenue derived from SAP's operation in Africa, does it remain in Africa or is transported back to the west?  Answer me SAP!  I met a young man in Cameroon's mountain city, Buea who did an SAP ERP training for 5000 Euros does  and SAP is talking about a plan to skill-up Africa, what percentage of young  Africans from Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt etc, can afford for such a training for such a price?  SAP according to me has betrayed it's intention by the claim on skill-up young Africans. What about the cost of licenses, deployment and support?  Africa's emerging economy is made up of mostly small and medium sized companies and they expect software which is affordable and intuitive, easy to be customized, requiring little or no training to use, or in the case where training  is required, it should be affordable and there should be a possibility for the young Africans to "prosume" and add value to the software. SAP is closed and you either take it the way it is or leave it!

Our claim is not that we have all the solutions for the emergence of the Africa and it's dynamic young but underemployed population. We claim to debunk the lies told Africa by giant companies like SAP and propose a software business model which will sell our young, restless and talented at longer consulting years and at higher value. We propose a software business model that will reverse the brain drain and save our young Africans from always thinking of leaving for greener pastures either abroad or complex expensive and non scalable giant proprietary software like SAP which is increasing Africa's problem by the capital flight, as their profits are sent back to the west.  The top 10 companies in Africa run on SAP.  58 of the top 100 run on SAP. When we take a look at the top 250, 63% are still untouched. SAP's vision is to continue their violence. Yes it's a violence against Africa's youth and it's Economy! Japan's Toyota disrupted General Motors, Indian's Zoho is disrupting Microsoft and Google!

 We propose a software business model for Africa which will disrupt the world software market specifically SAP by creating and providing software solutions and IT professionals at attractive prices by training and using available underutilized brains in Africa and leveraging the power and the economics of scale of the cyber economy. Instead of selecting and training University graduates and making them pay huge amounts of money for the training  like SAP is doing, we focus on qualifying, training and hiring students from under privileged backgrounds. They are trained for a minimum of a year while earning a stipend  and then afterwards they are offered jobs. This approach helps  unemployed youths to have a decent living while powering the companies growth, as our in house talents are cheaper the labor market price. Open source projects give us the freedom of changing the code and provides us the window to interact and learn from software professionals all round the world. Wanda POS, our most recent project  (www.wandaapos.com) is new Point of Sales from our students after 9 months training. It is a unique open source point of sales software with synchronization with Idempiere an open Source ERP software. Now users all round the world can synchronize all information for customers, products coming from Idempiere ERP to Wanda POS and also synchronize Orders coming from Wanda POS. This software is truly Africa's gift to the world! and in contrary to  SAP's model, we have proven that African youths can help the world with innovation, reverse the brain drain and drive their continent to emergence. SAP stop the violence in Africa! 

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Posted on : October 18, 2014

Wanda POS, we are grateful you are around to free us from "Cool Slavery". Born and breadth in Africa, you are really God's Gift from Africa to the World.
www.wandaapos.com just the solution


Posted on : October 18, 2014

This is wonderful. I think the time has come for us Africans to take up the challenge. We should stop being blind consumers of all from the west. Dr Stanley we are behind you. Keep up the fight even in other things beyond the IT. Fire them


Posted on : October 16, 2014

What else to say ? The facts speak for themselves ! Thanks Sir, for this wonderful paper to enlighten companies on their possible business solutions.

Home Boy

Posted on : October 13, 2014

We all are behind you, Wanda POS. We've silently suffered this like slaves with no one to help. Worst of all they try to turn our people against us and make them slave masters by taking advantage of the fact that they're intelligent, have worked so hard, but are not getting anything to feed their families out of this.

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