Wanda Point Of Sale
Africa's free Open Source Point of Sale


Our Frequently Asked Questions page is here to provide to you help by answering some questions which are often asked in concern with our free open source point of sale software.

Q. Is Wanda POS really free, and why if yes?

A. Of course Wanda POS being free is not a question but an answer. Our open source point of sale is free. You can download it not excluding the source code too and use it under the GNU public license.

The reason for which Wanda POS is free is simply this; We made it free !

Q. If Wanda POS is free, how do we make money?

A. Wanda POS is free but our support is how ever compensated.

We equally obtain some money to develop, ameliorate and maintain our open source point of sale software and similar applications from donors.

You may like our open source point of sale software and consider a donation.

Q. Which platform supports Wanda POS?

A. Wanda POS is not just any kind of open source point of sale software. It runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Q. What is the system requirement to run Wanda POS?

A. To install and run Wanda POS on your computer, make sure you have either java 6 or java 7 installed on your computer before.

Q. How do I use Wanda POS while making sure that no one else has access to the accounts of my business? (that is it is secure)  

A. Our free open source point of sale software has been built such that you can configure it to request a password from the user before having access to the system. Furthermore, every user configures this from their UI making it safer.

Q. If My Business has several stations and all run Wanda POS, how do I make sure I know the total account at the same time?

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