Wanda Point Of Sale

Africa's free Open Source Point of Sale

Our Company

IT-Kamer Company Ltd

We are a Software technology Cluster that disrupts the world's software market by creating and providing software solutions and IT professionals at attractive prices by training and using available cheap underutilized brains in Cameroon and leveraging the power and economics of scale of the web Economy. Instead of hiring University graduates, we focus on qualifying, training and hiring bright apprentices from under privileged backgrounds. The apprentices are trained for a minimum of a year while earning a stipend and offered jobs. The initiative helps the unemployed youths to have a decent living while powering the company’s growth, as in-house talent comes at a fraction of the market cost. Wanda POS (point of sale) software is one of the results of our efforts, it's Africa's free open source point of sale software and gift to the world! IT Kamer equally provides services in various fields such as ERP, CRM, and SCM.

Our Vision

Giving young people in Cameroon dignity by making sure they can earn their living with their brains !

We see the gravity of the web economy having a great role to play in our emergence...

Our Opportunities

Problem worth Solving

-70 percent underemployment in Cameroon according to businessincameroon.com, with many unutilized brains.

-Huge shortage but high demand of IT-professionals in the world as recorded by the BBC News.

-Companies need IT solutions but at attractive cost to be competitive.


Our Solution

- We provide our clients with quality IT professional services at attractive rates.

-We provide the market with quality and open source software solutions.

-Providing employment and hope to the under-privileged but hard working youths of Cameroon, in Africa.

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