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Documentation and Videos 


Here you can download all the documentations you need to be able to install, use, own and develop our open source point of sales, Wanda POS.  Please in order to continue supporting the community we have decided to charge a symbolic 5 USD for the documentation and there is even a bonus of videos that will drastically reduce your learning curve. After paying the above fee,  enter your e-mail below for the documents to be sent to you right away! Get this Video for free to see what you will be getting in this package!

WandaPOS 1.0.1


70.3 MB sourceforge.net


10th October, 2014.

Recomended for new users who can download this open source point of sale and use in for their various needs which it can satisfy. If any difficulty is faced, our community is always there to sort out your problem. Just click on the get help button on the right

WandaPos 1.0.1  

Source Code 


Recommended for advanced users who will like to play with the code and customize it to their particular needs, of course if you need help in developing and extending Wanda POS open source point of sales, we can help you, just click on one of the buttons on the right.

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