Wanda Point Of Sale

Africa's free Open Source Point of Sale

Wanda POS is a complete open source point of Sale Software with the special possibility of synchronizing with iDempiere open source ERP system. We can synchronize all the information about customers, products etc. coming from iDempiere to Wanda POS (point of sale) software and we can equally synchronize Orders coming from Wanda POS to iDempiere open source ERP.

Our open source point of sale (Wanda POS) runs on several platforms which are: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Linux (all versions and derivatives); Mac OS.

Its extensive peripheral support includes: Java POS; ESCPos; WePOS; OPOS.

It does inventory management and has capability of a powerful scripting language function.

In addition to what has been seen above Wanda open source point of sale proofs to have the following functionalities:

  • Switchable/Mixable Retail, Restaurant and Store sales screens
  • Bar; Cafe; Leisure; Restaurant; Retailer; Supermarket; General Store; Lots more...
  • Automatic screen resolution scaling from 800 x 600 up
  • Highly User customizable Sales screen, Ticket and Receipt layouts
  • Ideal for mobile retailers POS / Pop-up type stores
  • Customers; Products; Inventory and Multi-Location management
  • Apache Derby; MySQL; HSQLDB; PostgreSQL; Oracle databases and Cloud hosted databases
  • Category + Product Import
  • Multiple Printers + Output to Kitchen Display monitors
  • 40+ High Quality Reports
  • Internal Payment Gateways (US) and External terminal support - Chip and Pin
  • Support FCFA (Central Africa(CEMAC) and West Africa(UEMOA)) Money
  • Barcode scanner; Weighing Scales; Mag Card; Customer Display
  • Powerful scripting language
  • Multi-Language - 15 langages inc' English; Spanish; German; French; Dutch; more...
  • Cloud hosted database capable
  • User and Role Security i.e.; Admin; Manager; Clerk; Guest Security

Wanda POS is currently downloaded and installed in several point of sales as you are reading this. Remember this open source point of sale software is user friendly and costs nothing to go for it. As such you are welcome.

Interested in knowing Wanda POS at you finger tips? There you go...

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