Wanda Point Of Sale

Africa's free Open Source Point of Sale

 Community Support

The Community support of Wanda POS is free. You can get support by clicking on the button on the right. Contact us if you have any challenges with using the support platform of our free open source point of sale software.

One to One Support and Coaching

For some users, the community will just not be enough and might not be tailored to their immediate needs since the community support does not follow a particular pattern and is bazaar in  nature. In this case our professional team is open to answer your questions. We are able to connect to your station remotely and provide you with any help you need. You might also require a planned support get in touch with us.  We are already making tremendous sacrifice to bring and maintain this open source point of sale  software for free and so this kind of support will cost you 15 Euors an hour for the first hour.


We are a young professional team from Cameroon, Africa who are using our talent to provide what we call "Africa's gift to the world". If you enjoy using our free open source point of sale software kindly donate to  our greateful Community.

Out team is able to provide support 24/7 for all time zones! Contact Us to discuss further details. You can call us through the number: +237 679910862

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